Vote Rewards

Daily voting 

As most of you know, everyone can vote for 3 of our servers every 24 hours on 

After voting you can type /claim in the game chat to get your rewards.

 The rewards for all 3 votes can be claimed on 1 server if you like to.




At the moment of writing you receive the following rewards for each vote  

  • 1 Test Generator
  • 500 RP
  • 1 ZCoin
  • 1 Diesel Barrel
  • 1 Pookie Bear

Monthly voting

We keep track off all votes in a month.  For every vote you receive a ticket. At the start of a new month all tickets will be placed in a list and from that list we pick a random winner who can choose for VIP++ or a Zone. 

What this means

If you vote a lot, you will have a higher chance to win.  If you are not as no-life as us and not vote every day, you still have a (smaller) chance to win. Voting still makes sense if you missed a part of the month. Voting at the end of the wipe/month can still make you win, every vote counts

Some notes

We will post the results in the discord every month, probably after forced wipe. The plan is to make the ticket amount progress public for all of you soon.  We might experiment with new ways to earn tickets and everything is in an early stage and subject to change.