Server Rules

Our goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all players to play in. To achieve this, it is necessary that everyone adheres to our rules. Any form of abuse or violation of these rules will result in appropriate consequences. This could include warnings, temporary suspension, or permanent removal from our servers, depending on the severity of the violation. Our hope is that by working together, we can create a positive and respectful community where everyone can have a great time playing. 

  • Clan / Team Limit : 8
  • 1 prime custom building location per clan
  • No toxic behavior
  • No racism of any kind: Text - Voice - Art etc.
  • No griefing others and/or their bases (Stealing, Placing deployables or building right up to their priv)
  • No disrespecting players or staff
  • No political banter 
  • No talk of self harm
  • No advertising other servers or discords
  • No hidden foundations on VIP Elevators
  • No hacking - scripting - exploiting
  • No TC spamming large areas  of land
  • No builds that are so huge it lags other players
  • No walling in of public monuments: Quarry - Gas Station etc.
  • No nudity on Signs visible to outside of your base
  • No threat of DDOS, DOX or any other unwanted behavior which could cause others harm
  • Be a good person and have fun in the game!

Rules for signs/art

  • No hardcore pornography or hentai
  • No gore / death
  • No beastiality
  • No loli / child sexuality
  • No racism / sexism / hate speach / anti-semitic
  • No scat or other disgusting depictions
  • No self harm

Any NSFW Images must be inside your base and not visible from the outside.  ie Softcore nudity

Breaking these rules will result in an automatic ban and your base will be removed!

Political Discussions should be light hearted and not become an argument

We respect all player's beliefs and opinions but this is no place to share, spread or discuss them.  May there be a world wide crisis or not, keep your opinions to yourself on our servers out of respect for other people. This is a place to relax and have fun, not to cause drama. Thank you for your understanding. 

If you cannot follow this rule you will be muted.